As global citizens we all have rights and responsibilities, as well as shared goals. Through active citizenship we encourage young people to take responsibility for the local issues, and find targeted, sustainable solutions that benefit our communities and the world. Motivated by the passion to transform their lives and the world, JCI members have the courage to address the critical challenges of our time.

However we also recognize that we cannot do it alone. Solutions to the greatest problems facing our community can only be reached by involving all sectors of society. Solutions that ensure healthy communities, drive economic empowerment, and secure a sustainable world. JCI will be the driving force to unite government, business and the civil sector to collaborate for positive change.

JCI will be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. Sustainable impact is achieved through the collective actions of active citizens across local communities. Designed to address all types of community issues, JCI members are guided by the JCI Active Citizen Framework, which provides a methodology for conducting impactful projects that provide sustainable solutions to communities around the world.

The process outlined by the JCI Active Citizen Framework consists of assessing community needs, formulating sustainable solutions and taking action with partners all while monitoring and evaluating our results to ensure sustainability. All projects conducted by JCI

I. Needs Analysis

We cannot hope to solve the challenges facing our community without first understanding them inside and out. Using tools like surveys, demographic data and interviews with key stakeholders, JCI members can deepen their understanding of the challenges our communities face and their real causes. This first phase of the framework ensures the project is relevant to the needs of the community while also connecting you with members of the community, supporters of your initiative and potential partners for your project.

II. Formulating a Sustainable Solution

After collecting and analyzing data on community needs, the next step is to begin formulating projects that address the core problems and their causes and provide long-term solutions that have maximum impact in the community. Just as the needs analysis helps ensure community ownership of the problems, involving all sectors of society in collaborating on a solution will help ensure sustainable impact.

The community can address the challenges it faces through three integrated stages of development that will drive a community toward prosperity and enhance development.

Healthy people are fundamental to building a successful society. Projects related to this stage will address barriers that stand between citizens and healthy lives. Solutions may include disease prevention, sanitation enhancement, access to medical treatment, and malaria-treated bed net distributions.

Projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty,
2. Zero Hunger,
3. Good Health and Well Being, and
4. Clean Water & Sanitation will apply to this stage

Education and economic empowerment are the engines behind economies that lift citizens out of poverty, putting them on a path toward sustainable development. This step builds on the foundation of Health and Wellness to ensure the development of skills and opportunities related to economic growth, employment, gender quality and entrepreneurship.

Projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals
5. Quality Education,
6. Gender Equality,
7. Decent Work and Economic Growth,
8. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, and
9. Reduced Inequalities will apply to this stage

When addressing issues in the first two stages, we must take a long-term view of development. Avoiding environmental and economic crisis that reverse progress requires a sustainable approach. Projects in stage three will prepare a community to maintain its successes by educating businesses and the public about their role in all types of sustainability including environmental sustainability as well as Corporate Social responsibility.

Projects related to the Sustainable Development Goals
10. Affordable & Clean Energy,
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities,
12. Responsible Consumption & Production,
13. Climate Action,
14. Life Below Water,
15. Life on Land,
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions and 1
7. Partnerships for the Goals will apply to this stage

 III. Taking Action with Partners

To increase our impact, we will engage partners in every step of the framework. By uniting resources and leveraging each other’s strengths, we can achieve more. Resources can include people, expertise, physical or web-based tools, information or frameworks such as training and financial resources. With the JCI Active Citizen Framework as a tool to communicate our impact, we can approach organizations that share our goals and show them how together we can create sustainable impact in the community.

 IV. Monitoring and Evaluating Results

Throughout the project we must monitor our results to determine if we are on track to achieving our goals and intended impact. Compare data collected during the needs analysis phase to data collected during and after the project to measure how much positive change was created. After completion, take the time to reflect on the action taken and evaluate your performance in creating a long-lasting impact. The results of your project will prove JCI’s value to partners and help us earn recognition as the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact.

To become the leading global network of young active citizens, JCI must lead in thought, words, actions and results. JCI is uniquely situated to lead in progress towards global development.  The JCI Active Citizen Framework will provide a context for JCI to become the organization that will unite all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. It provides a platform for assessing local needs from which we can gain a reputation for relevance


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