Be Better.
Do you have ideas that would spark positive change in your community?
Want to avoid attending another bad networking event?

We create strong leaders.

JCI is an international, nonprofit organization of young active citizens age 18 to 40 who undertake projects to create positive change in their communities, learning valuable leadership skills along the way.

We encourage adventure.

With over 4,600 local organizations around the world and multiple international conferences held annually, members have the chance to explore the globe (and can even qualify for subsidized travel!)

We make life long friends.

Look at your city, your town, your community. Do you see something you want to change? Do you see people you want to help? Join JCI and get started on a project team today!

Empowering Edmonton’s Young Leaders to Be Better

At JCI, we connect and develop the future leaders of the world. Leaders who are driven by continuous improvement, pursuing both personal and professional development. Leaders who believe in the importance of giving back, by identifying needs in their community and undertaking projects to create the positive changes they want to see. Leaders who want to share their successes and learn from other young, active citizens by hosting conferences in interesting locations all around the world.

We do this by providing development opportunities through courses, seminars and sessions directly aimed at personal and professional development. This can culminate with practical experience gained in leadership positions within the organization - from leading a committee in charge of a project, to sitting on the Board of Directors, to potentially becoming the President!

The end goal of developing our members is to empower them to help create positive change in their local communities. Members will learn about the Active Citizen Framework, which aims to help them identify local challenges, develop ideas on where they can help, formulate a plan, and take action on their projects resulting in sustainable positive impact.

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World Cleanup Day with Capital City Cleanup - Trash Mob

World Cleanup Day with Capital City Cleanup - Trash Mob

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