About JCI

Mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young Edmontonians to create positive change.

Vision: To be the leading local network of young active citizens of Edmonton.

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Young Edmontonians Making a Difference

Why JCI?

Have you ever thought what the future will be for your family, the community, and the world if conditions relating to health, safety, climate change, and many more remain?

We need leaders that are active citizens, and JCI develop leaders through providing development opportunities. The responsibility and challenge are yours - "to lead or to follow" - or will you be empowered to contribute to the solution?

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What does JCI offer?

First, ask yourself what do you want from life. Do you want to seek success? Do you want an active role in the civic life of your community, to meet and work with new acquaintances, interesting people and to enlarge your social contact with others of similar age and interests? If so, time spent in JCI could be a wise investment indeed.

Three Main Reasons to join JCI

  1. The desire to Be Better. To learn to accept responsibility, to make decisions, become effective speakers, develop management techniques, to be better employers, employees, and a better person. There are successful leaders and business people across Canada and the globe who attribute their achievements to the start they were given in JCI. We didn't do it for them, but gave them the development opportunity to do it themselves. Isn't that what you want?
  2. The desire for community involvement. To have a hand in identifying community ills and planning and executing action projects to help.
  3. The desire for fellowship. To meet and associate with progressive young people of the same age and bracket with similar interests and objectives. The friendships are not confined to your home town - we're a national and international organization.

JCI Programs

JCI is involved in a score of projects in every community we're in across the world. Local chapters have access to superb leadership development material, public relations programs designed to help cut community problems, community action material, and more. There are almost a hundred different publications available. Besides, JCI chapters operate scores of projects on their own - devised and carried out by local JCI members.

JCI members are guided by the JCI Active Citizen Framework, which provides a methodology for conducting impactful projects that provide sustainable solutions to communities around the world.


Isn't JCI some sort of business club?

DEFINITELY NOT! Our members come from all walks of life. It is this blending of skills, talents, and knowledge that gives us the foundation to tackle many difficult problems... and usually solve them. The one thing our members do have in common is they are all young, and know the direction they want to head. You will build relationships and make connections through JCI on a local, national, and international scale.

Who can join JCI and what does it cost?

Any young person 18 to 39 can join. Dues are set by the chapter you join, currently JCI Edmonton is $150/year. JCI members are young and want the best value for their dollar. We do our best to make sure that's exactly what you get.

Well, after I join, then what?

That depends entirely on you, and that's one of the secrets of JCI's success. We have many different activity areas. After you join, select the areas you want to be involved in, let us know, and you're off.

You can develop your skills in a number of ways, from helping to organise a local project or event to planning a series of business events. And you can meet international JCI members when you travel to events in other countries.

But what if I'm interested in doing something JCI isn't doing?

Then propose a new project! Think you'll have trouble doing that? Well, first of all we can teach you how to organize the project, plan it, and make your presentation to the Chapter. JCI members are always looking for new areas to get involved in and volunteer with. The more areas we can do successfully, the more interesting JCI membership can be.

Doesn't all this take a lot of time?

Some projects do, some don't. You establish the amount of time you can spend on JCI. The extent of your involvement depends on you, and no one else.

Is running projects all you do?

No. JCI chapters have a full schedule of social activities to let you meet and network with other members on a personal basis. Friendship and networking is spontaneous. You'll have to look hard to find a member that says we don't have fun.

JCI also offers a broad training program. We focus on soft skills such as presenting, debating & public speaking, social responsibility, omoiyari, networking and negotiation skills. You can attend local training events such as the JCI Project Management, JCI Effective Communication, JCI Effective Leadership, JCI Impact, JCI Admin, and JCI Achieve official courses.

I like to travel, how can JCI help me?

JCI is an international organization with chapters in over 5,000 cities in over 120 countries worldwide. Members have the opportunity to travel the world to various JCI conferences and, depending on their local chapters annual budget, may be eligible to receive reimbursements for their costs.

If you have any additional questions that weren't answered here please feel free to email board@jciedmonton.com 


Join JCI Today

Curious about the JCI possibilities? Check out the site and make the first move towards positive change for yourself and the city that you love and call home. Be Better.


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