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Be Limitless and Be Better, learn from the best and connect with Young Active Citizens from the Americas and Asia.

The Limitless Training Program is a leadership development program created by JCI Manila in 2016. It has since been implemented and has received recognition by the different local organizations in the Philippines and in Asia.

This year, the Limitless Training team aims to expand around the world starting in Canada and the US and we hope to have as much international representation at the training as possible!

This training has been specialized for how JCI runs their non-profit organization, but the skills will be useful for any organization that deals with: leading people who aren't paid to follow you, empowering volunteers to do their best and feel rewarded for their work by leading projects that actually accomplish what they set out to, and learning how to better balance professional, personal, and volunteer workloads to ensure burnout is minimized.

Realize your full potential to Be Better through these topics which will be covered in our 2-day fun, interactive and engaging training:

Level 5 Leadership: This module talks about the level 5 leadership framework. This is about uplifting your people during victory while criticizing yourself during defeat mentality. This talks about selfless kind of leadership.

Branding: Every organization has its own story, you have your story. In this module, it teaches us how to create our own story using somatic markers that will encourage people to be part of your organization or movement.

Vision Setting: Vision setting is one of the most important aspect of an organization. This is where the foundation is set and how we could make the people believe in what we do. This module teaches you some of the basic things that you need to understand on how to create a vision of your organization.

People Management: This module talks about the R-R-A framework. Recruit- Retain- Activate. This talks about some key points on how you can influence members to be more participative and make plans on how to get others involve.

Human Behaviour: Talks about differences between individuals and coping up on how to handle and perceive them, how to appreciate and know their strength and what can he/she contribute to the team.

Practical Communication: This module talks about the 3 main avenues of human connectivity. First is thru written, second is thru speaking and lastly is thru gestures. This is a refresher on how we can advance our communication using these three basic methods.

Gratitude: In a movement like JCI or other volunteer based organizations, people are not being paid to get things done. People in JCI enjoy because of the people that they get along with, with their friends and learnings that they can gain. This module talks about how to appreciate people who have worked for you in JCI and make them inspired by doing more and more for others that will create sustainable impact.

Stress Management

Project Management

Zero Degree Networking: One of the most important aspect of why people join an organization. This module teaches us a 3-step method on how to maximize your networking skills.

In addition, JCI Manila will provide:
• Non-Profit Management Best Practices that has seen their organization grow to over 300 active members, with an active volunteer roster of nearly 1,000 people, that complete impactful projects for social good in their community 365 days a year


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