Mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young Edmontonians to create positive change.

Vision: To be the leading local network of young active citizens of Edmonton.

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Official JCI Trainings

Below is a list of all of the available, official trainings JCI offers. If you are interested in one and don't see it on the Upcoming Trainings page please email expressing your interest and as soon as we get 6 requests for a specific training we will schedule it! Get your friends interested as well to get your training available sooner! The trainings have all been geared towards specific JCI aspects but the content is applicable to far more than just JCI specific initiatives. 


This course explains the concepts of effective communication and the many forms it comes in including verbal, non-verbal, written and listening so that active citizens can create sustainable impact through effective communication and action.


The JCI Effective Communication: Crafting Your Message course focuses on developing your message, planning for presenting it as effectively as possible, as well as deeply understanding the structural components of building an effective message.


The JCI Effective Communication: Mastering Management course focuses on how to ensure your message is understood and acted upon by being persuasive and managing all aspects — even challenges — within a presentation.


The JCI Effective Communication: Message Delivery course explores the most effective types of presentations based on the message’s purpose and focuses on building the most effective presentation to deliver the message.


The Effective Leadership course will define the kind of effective leadership needed to address the local, national and global problems of the 21st century society. The course intends to provide a foundation on which individuals can build their capacity and character to motivate others to take action for common purpose.


What this course proposes is that JCI Local Organizations must be creative when organizing meetings. Because each Local Organization is different and can change every year, Local Officers must decide what type of meeting is more effective for the members and the organization. On one hand, humans have a need to meet person-to-person, while on the other hand, innovations have proven that there are other ways of achieving the same results.

JCI ACHIEVE (3 hours)

The JCI Achieve course uses discussions and analogies to help members understand one’s own values and the values and principles of JCI, the role of all members in establishing the Local Organization’s identity, the activities needed to fulfill the JCI Mission and develop JCI members into active citizens who will create positive change in their communities.

JCI Achieve is a half-day course and should be taken by all new members who want to fully understand the principles, meaning, purpose and dynamics of a JCI Local Organization.

JCI ADMIN (3 hours)

JCI Admin is the JCI Local Organization management course recommended for any member who wants to become a member of the local board or a leader at any level in the Local Organization. The course covers the structure of the local board, management of the Local Organization affairs and the responsibility of the Local Organization in providing development opportunities that will empower JCI members to create positive change in and outside of JCI.

JCI Admin should be taken by all members who want to fully understand the dynamics of the management and administration of a JCI Local Organization.

JCI IMPACT (2 hours)

JCI Impact is a course aimed for JCI members who want to become active citizens and create long-lasting positive change in their communities. The course discusses the active citizenship concept, covers the analysis of community needs, solutions addressing these needs and discusses the projects a Local Organization can conduct with all sectors of society in order to create sustainable and effective positive change in their community.

NETWORKING (3 hours)

Networking is the JCI course on turning your personal contacts into lasting, trusted and productive connections and relationships. The course covers the principles and dynamics of networking, how to identify and use the opportunities when contacting people, the follow up actions needed after meeting the person to keep adding value to the connection and how to use the participation in JCI activities to build a reputation that will establish a network of connections for the future.

OMOIYARI (2 hours)

The Omoiyari Course is a two-hour course based on a Japanese concept of living in harmony with respect and mutual understanding that will inspire JCI members to become active citizens and work toward a balanced and trustworthy society.

PRESENTER (8 hours)

Presenter, the JCI Effective Presentation Course is a full day course that focuses on the concepts of creating and delivering an effective presentation utilizing visual aids and strong delivery methods with a mind towards understanding the audience. Participants practice presentations during the entire course.

Presenter should be taken by all members who want to expand their presentation skills in order to make better project reports and intervene during chapter meetings.


Planning, Executing and Evaluating Projects using the JCI Active Citizen Framework.

In order to achieve JCI’s Mission to create positive change around the world, JCI members run projects following the JCI Active Citizen Framework creating sustainable impact in their communities. This course goes over the basic components of project management related to planning, executing and evaluating projects. Participants will develop their skills to create a project statement, define clear objectives, identify and target meaningful partnerships, plan action steps and evaluate a project’s success.


The Social Responsibility Course is a half day course designed to create awareness in Active Citizens that individuals have responsibility to their community and the environment, it promotes the principles of United Nations Global Compact in the practice of business, encourages individuals to act responsibly in business and society and encourages the implementation of best Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

Social Responsibility is recommended for people who seek to understand their role as Active Citizens within the community and the environment as well understanding the commitment that individuals can make to ensure the sustainability of our planet, and prosperity of people in the community.

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