Wellness Program

We would like you to help us grow and develop our programs. Positions are open to members and non members. Spots are limited

More information about the Health and Wellness Program:

Our mandate: Is to promote the importance of mental, physical and spiritual well being

Our vision: Is to support our membership and the community at large in achieving work-life balance

Help us promote health and wellness in our city! We are looking for:


Title: Committee Member

Purpose: Health and Wellness Committee Members will be part of the team leading the charge to promote the importance of well being and work life balance. This is a chance to really get in with a committee from the start and make some immediate impact. We have just launched and have a few events already lined up (see links below) and are looking for more perspectives on how to best achieve our mission and vision!


Key Responsibilities:

  • Assist with generating ideas for engaging and thought provoking programming and events
  • Assist in coordinating, executing, and hosting said programs and events
  • Help develop relationships with a variety of multi-disciplinary partners
  • Help create community between our membership, the community and our partners
  • Monthly and bi-yearly reports to the JCI Edmonton Board of Directors need to be prepared and submitted. These will be forms that are simple to fill out and outline the progress of the committee.
  • Follow the terms of reference and the strategic plan outlined for the committee, providing updates to the documents as required.

Length of Appointment:

  • This position would be held until December 31, 2018 at which point renewal could be explored

Time Commitment:

  • It is expected that on average a minimum of 2 hours per week would be required for effort. That being said, the sky is the limit with how far you can grow this position. If you have additional time and passion, feel free to expand beyond that. Also, it may not necessarily be 2 hours every week. Some weeks may require more time, some weeks may require no time.


  • The ideal applicant is passionate about making a positive impact for the well being of others. There is potential for sensitive information to arise and as such, ideal candidates will be able to maintain the utmost discretion and sensitivity in dealing with these special issues.


  • The founders of the committee truly want to see the committee grow into a self sustaining entity within JCI Edmonton and are ready to empower the committee members to truly make it their own. We are committed to providing any support we can when it is needed and finding the support if it is out of our expertise as we slowly turn more and more control over to the committee members.


A few of the events we've already lined up are:

Mental Illness in Youth and Young Adults 

Mental Illness and Stigma 

Healthy Workplaces and Stress Management

To learn more or to inquire about signing up as a volunteer please

Contact the committee!