Fundraising Manager (Volunteer)

Title: Fundraising Manager (Volunteer)

Purpose: Non-profit Organizations are constantly limited by what social good they can achieve due to a lack of funding and a lack of resources. We are looking for someone that is passionate about helping others and ideally interested in fundraising and looking to learn all they can about it. This position will aim to provide experience in developing and executing fundraising campaigns – whether it be through fundraising events, grants, or sponsorship agreements.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute a fundraising campaign that will provide JCI Edmonton the financial freedom to pursue projects that will create sustainable impact in our community.
  • Utilize our subscription to Grantstation to explore grant databases and learn how to write better grant applications.
  • Assist in building strong and positive relationships with existing and potential sponsors and other community partners.
  • Quarterly strategy reports and monthly update reports to the JCI Edmonton Board of Directors need to be prepared and submitted. These will be forms that are simple to fill out and outline the progress of the fundraising efforts.
  • Assist Grant Writers with grant applications and prepare grants as necessary.

Length of Appointment:

  • This position would be at a minimum until December 31, 2018 at which point renewal could be explored.

Time Commitment:

  • It is expected that on average a minimum of 2 hours per week would be required for effort. That being said, the sky is the limit with how far you can grow this position. If you have additional time and passion, feel free to expand beyond that. Also, it may not necessarily be 2 hours every week. Some weeks may require more time, some weeks may require no time.


  • The ideal applicant is passionate about making a positive impact for the well being of others. They would be interested in pursuing or currently have a career related to fundraising, grant writing, or stakeholder management and are currently seeking additional experience for their resume or have the capacity to volunteer their knowledge. Alternatively, they are simply looking for longer term, meaningful volunteer opportunities to help give back to their community.
  • Active JCI membership.


  • The Board of Directors truly want to see the fundraising effort grow into a self sustaining committee within JCI Edmonton and are ready to empower the members to truly make it their own. We are committed to providing any support we can when it is needed and finding the support if it is out of our expertise.


Interested members please email