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The JCI Holiday Hamper Program, with support from elves, volunteers, and community champions, has been creating positive change in Edmonton for over 15 years. This year, we are proud to amplify this positive change through the launch of Healthy Hampers.

Hamper Elves will shop for their hampers following the grocery list, however Healthy Hampers is a grassroots initiative that will ensure nutritious, appropriate, and safe foods are included in all hampers. JCI values food security and wants our families to feel good about the food they eat. For inspiration on what healthy items you can add to your holiday hamper or home pantry, check out the video by Registered Dietitian and Healthy Hampers Lead, Emily Mardell.

Why we care about food security


Food Security & Children, Families & Communities

In all communities some families wonder if there is enough
food for dinner or the next day. They’re worried about having
enough food for their children 
to grow up strong and healthy.
Poor nutrition, especially in childhood, has effects that can
last a lifetime.


Food Insecurity can:
Harm our communities and lead to community breakdown.
Lead to feel that our community is not a safe, healthy or
comfortable place to live.


In a healthy community, people can:
Earn a living and get the food they need.
Get the foods they like and want to eat.
Feel connected each other and like they are part of the community.


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The JCI team hopes to do more than solve a short-term problem with the Healthy Hamper. Our goal is to build capacity by providing Edmonton families with tools to stretch food dollars and cook healthy meals at home, beyond the festive season. Strong community partnerships and generous donations from local growers and producers have made Healthy Hampers possible. Making the hampers the best they can be is the job of our Hamper Elves.



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