Become an Elf

Become an Elf!

Becoming an elf, and helping a family in need this holiday season is an experience you will not forget. Join JCI Edmonton an your fellow community members by signing up today.


All families have been matched but some Elves still need to confirm participation, so we are accepting Elf Signups on a waitlist in case anyone cancels last minute.

There are Three steps to being an elf:


Sign up to adopt a family based on much you are able to spend. A typical small family will require approximately $120 in groceries. An extra large family could require over $200. We also ask that you provide each child in the family a small gift (valued at no more than $20). Please see our grocery list to help determine your budget.


After receiving an email confirming the size and generic details of your assigned family (around December 1), you will go grocery shopping for that family based on the JCI Edmonton Holiday Hamper grocery list. You will also be expected to buy small gifts for the children in the family assigned to you (no more than $20 per gift). *Please note that we cannot give out specific information on your family.*


Join JCI Edmonton and fellow elves on Saturday, December 15th at Northlands (Hall TBD). Here you will receive the family address(es), plus JCI Edmonton provides turkeys, donated fresh produce and roasting pans that you also add to your Hamper. From there, you hand deliver the Hamper that you created to your assigned family.

*If you are a family, or know of a family, who needs help this holiday season, click here.*





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