Effective Speaking Training 2018


9AM to 4PM

Effective Speaking Training & Qualification for Western Canada region

JCI offers members a unique opportunity to exercise and showcase their abilities and to share ideas on important local, national or global issues. Whether you only want to improve your skills or be a candidate and represent our chapter at the regional convention, you are welcome to join us for this amazing training.

Public speaking is a critical skill of a leader who can motivate people toward positive change. Every well-prepared speech should have an introduction that captures the attention of the audience, a body featuring the speaker’s message, and a powerful conclusion summarizing the speaker’s arguments.

The competition gives every participant a way to express his or her thoughts to others in an exciting and challenging way. National Public Speaking contest winners compete at the JCI Area Conferences. The winner from each JCI Conference is then expected to represent his or her Area in the final round of the JCI World Public Speaking Championship at the 2019 JCI World Congress.

*Hours to be confirmed

*Maximum of 14 members per sessions can attend, first come first serve.

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