Jasper's World Congress Travel Report

    2017 World Congress Travel Report

    This was my third time attending World Congress, and as always, I made the most of my experience. I met a lot of great people from all over the world, attended various seminars and talks, went on an excursion to Haarlem, volunteered at a café that was self-sustaining, and of course partied like there was no tomorrow during those 5 days.


    I always find meeting and making a connection with new people to be the highlight of World Congress. During the conference, I got to meet people coming from various countries and catch-up with people I’ve already met at previous conferences. I met an accountant who wrote a love novel, an optician who sells jewelry, a marketing executive who helps run her family business, a German lawyer who works in Belgium, to name a few. While conversing with them, I had the opportunity to hear their story and learn about what drove them to join JCI and exchange ideas on projects we could explore. This is a great place to meet like-minded individuals who are driven and motivated to create a positive impact in their communities.




    During the conference I attended the following workshop/seminars:

    Building Cultures of Sustainability

    During this session, I learned about the importance of culture as an over-arching component when trying to promote sustainability with an organization. This is because the idea of sustainability has to be embedded  into the mind-set of the people running the organization in order for it to be effective; from executing on their day-to-day tasks to planning and strategizing.  When shifting the culture of an organization to align with sustainability, it is important to ensure this is well communicated and executed and it has to start from the top of the organization structure.


    Personal Effectiveness Based on Insight Discovery

    This was an interesting session because it allowed me to reflect of various aspect of my personality, based a unique personality test. A week before the conference, I took a 20-minute personality test, during this session I got my result in form a small booklet. I must say, the results from this painted the most accurate picture of myself, compared to other personality test I’ve taken in the past. The session was hosted by Insight Discovery, and they explored the various personality types and had fun group activities that gave us a sense on how we, as individuals, work or participate in a group setting.

    Kofi Anan Keynote

    Kofi Anan spoke about the importance of leadership and governance in our day and age. In his speech, he spoke about why we need to be active and engaged when it comes to peace, reconciliation and human rights. In our times of conflict, displacement and uncertainty, it is even more important that young active citizens, like us, must take a leadership role and help address these issues. The second theme of speech was around why we should stand up for an equal and just society. He then spoke about abolishing the barriers to equality, education and discrimination. Lastly, he emphasized the importance of protecting our planet, as we’re seeing a lot of the negative consequences of our actions and we need to work alongside government agencies to help solve this issue.

    Executive and Vice President Candidate Presentation and Caucus and Elections
    During this session, had the opportunity to learn more about the international vice presidents, and the president running for office. Where candidates for vice presidents and president had a Q&A session with the members.

    TOYP (Top Young Outstanding Persons) Honoree Workshop

    Since attending my first World Congress in Kanazawa Japan, I have always attended the TOPY Honoree Workshops. This allows me to learn more about these incredible individuals who have made a significant contribution in to their community. During this session, I had the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights on driving change and leading in our community

    Empowering Society by the Permanent Beta Principle

    This was an interesting session, hosted by a serial entrepreneur from Amsterdam who never asks to be compensated, and yet manages to make a decent living traveling the world. The main theme of this session was around continuous improvement, and leveraging various opportunities to grow and develop. In order to achieve this, we must be in continuous beta mode (i.e. testing and de-bugging mode).

    How to fund your Impact Project

    I attended this session to learn more about how to secure new sources of revenue to fund impact projects. This one in particular talked specifically about the Global Youth Empowerment Fund.

    JCI Awards Ceremony and TOYP Honorees

    I had the opportunity to see and meet the people and organizations that made an impact within their local JCI organizations that was recognized by the international JCI organization

    Local impact tour

    For the Local Impact Tour, I volunteered to take down a garden that has been used by a self-sustaining mobile café. We helped them pack as they were off to their new location. This café exemplifies how we, as individuals, can achieve sufficiency if we work together and pool our resources to a sustainable community.


    I hope to see you on our next JCI Conference!