Strategic Concept


What is JCI deeply passionate about?

JCI Mission: To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

What can JCI be the best in the world at?

JCI Vision: To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

What drives JCI’s resource engine?

Impact Index: Number of JCI Active Citizen Framework projects per number of JCI Local Organizations.

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Impact. im∙pact /’impakt/

Impact is change. Impact is action. Change for the future.

Action for society. Impact for the better.

Impact created by engaged active citizens at all levels of society.

Impact is the result of collective action.

Motivate. mo∙ti∙vate \’mō-tə -vāt\

Motivate is empowerment. Motivate is passion.

Empowerment for young people. Passion for stronger communities. Motivate to transform the world.

Motivation propelled toward the creation of positive change.

Motivate active citizens to step up to the challenge.

Invest. in∙vest \in-vest\

Invest is support. Invest is responsibility.

Support for advancing our goals. Responsibility for financial

stability. Invest in the ideas and efforts of active citizens.

Investment that sustains progress.

Invest in the dream to unite for a better world.

Collaborate. col∙lab∙o∙rate \ke-‘la-bə -,rāt\

Collaborate is unite. Collaborate is partnerships.

Unite for common goals. Partner for community development.

Collaborate for mutual impact. Collaboration focused on sharing resources, expertise, knowledge, experience and power.

Collaborate to engage like-minded partners and organizations across all sectors of society.

Connect. con∙nect \kə-‘nekt\

Connect is link. Connect is network.

Link to share tools. Network for stronger support.

Connect people, communities and society.

Connection leads to sharing ideas, best practices and results.

Connect to unite the global grassroots movement.


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