Better Travel

Discover Better Travel Opportunities

Love to travel? So do we. JCI Edmonton provides subsidies for our active members to travel to various JCI conferences. The level of subsidy is related to your level of involvement in the chapter. For more information contact us.

Travel Canada.

Explore the beauty of your own backyard. Regional Conferences have recently been held in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Penticton and Cranbrook, while National Conferences have been held in Calgary, Kelowna, Kingston, Halifax, and Winnipeg.

Travel Abroad.

Every year, JCI members unite in their regions for a JCI Area Conference to exchange ideas, learn how to maximize their local impact, and collaborate with other National Organizations in their Area. The four Area Conferences give members a chance to take advantage of JCI’s international network, while enhancing their National Organizations. The JCI Conference of the Americas – includes all of North and South America, and has been held in places like Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Edmonton, Curacao, and St. Louis.

Annual World Congress

The premiere event of JCI is the Annual World Congress. Every year, over 5,000 young leaders and entrepreneurs from 110 countries assemble to attend training seminars, meet and discuss issues with JCI members from around the world, and attend the famous world congress events. Members of JCI Edmonton have attended the World Congress in countries like Spain, Turkey, India, Brazil, and Germany. 

JCI Global Partnership Summit

At the JCI Global Partnership Summit, the young active citizens of JCI unite with leaders of business, government and civil society to address the critical challenges of our times and how the coordinated efforts of these three sectors can lead the way to sustainable global change through the framework of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. 2010 was a milestone year as the UN MDGs accelerate toward their 2015 deadline, and coordinated action among the key segments of society has never been more crucial.

JCI leads the initiative by bringing together its key partners – the United Nations, UN Global Compact, UN Foundation and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – to drive the conversation and redefine, enhance and promote collaboration among these important global players. The hands of government are often tied when faced with global challenges. Corporations, likewise, cannot take the lead to find solutions for fear of appearing self-serving in pursuit of profit.